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Publications : Scientific Publications

The papers below report research conducted in conjunction with the Hermes project.

Accepted papers 2010/2011

Andersen, M., Andersen, R., Katsarakis, N., Pnevmatikakis, A. and Z.-H. Tan, Three-dimensional adaptive sensing of people in a multi-camera setup, special session on Person tracking for assistive working and living environments, EUSIPCO 2010, Aalborg, Denmark, Aug. 2010.

Aronowitz, H. And Aronowitz, V., "Efficient Score Normalization for Speaker Recognition", in proceedings of ICASSP, 2010

Aronowitz H, "Unsupervised Compensation of Intra-Session Intra-Speaker Variability for Speaker Diarization", in Proc. Speaker Odyssey, June 2010.

Buiza, C., Navarro, AB., Gonzlez, MF., Geven, A., Tscheligi, M., Prost, S. (2010). Assessing the usefulness and acceptance of HERMES MyFuture system in two European Countries. Proceeding of the International Symposium in Ambient Intelligence (ISAmI 2010). (Eds.) JC, Augusto, JM. Corchado, P, Novais, C. Analide., AISC. 72 pp. 205-208.

Facal, D., Gonzlez, MF., Navarro, A., Oppenauer, C., Geven, A., Prost, S., Tscheligi, M., Petsatodis, T., Pnevmatikakis, a., Theodoreli, V., Urdaneta, E., Yanguas. J (2010). Qualitative assessment of computerized-cognitive games for elderly people. Abstracts of the IPA international meeting. (Eds.) R. Mateos, K. Engedal, M. Franco (pp 294-295). ISBN 978-84-9887 -529 - 4

Feng Y, Ren J and Jiang J "A mixed ranking scheme for video retrieval" Electronic Letters, ISSN: 0013-5194, 46 (24): 1600-1601, 2011

Gonzlez, MF., Facal, D., Navarro, AB., Geven, A., Prost, S., Tscheligi, M. (2010). External memory support for cognitive care, results from the first Hermes user trial. Proceedings of Workshop of Ambient Assisted Living, (IWAAL2010) (Eds.) D. Lpez de Ipia, J. Bravo (pp. 17-24). ISBN: 978-84-92812-67-7

Khelifi F and Jiang J "k-NN regression to improve statistical feature extraction for texture retrieval" IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 20 (1): 293-298, 2011.

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Pnevmatikakis, A. and Talantzis, F., Person tracking in enhanced cognitive care: A particle filtering approach, special session on Person tracking for assistive working and living environments, EUSIPCO 2010, Aalborg, Denmark, Aug. 2010.

Petsatodis, T., Boukis, C., Talantzis, F., Tan, Z.-H. and Prasad, R. Convex Combination of Multiple Statistical models with application to VAD IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, minor revisions pending.

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Sorin, A. et al, Speech processing and retrieval in a personal memory aid system for the elderly. To appear in Proc. ICASSP 2011, May 2011.

Theodoreli, V., Petsatodis, T., Soldatos, J., Talantzis, F. and Pnevmatikakis, A., A Low-Cost Multi-Touch Surface Device supporting Effective Ergonomic Cognitive Training for the Elderly, International Journal of Ambient Computing and Intelligence, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 50-62, July-September 2010.

Accepted papers 2009

Buiza, C., Diaz, U, Gonzalez, M.F., Etxaniz, A., Prieto, L., Urdaneta, E. & Yanguas, J. (2009) Age relates accurately to reported estimation of memory abilities , 37th Annual Meeting Internacional Neuropsychological Society

Buiza, C., Gonzalez, M.F., Facal, D., Martinez, V., Diaz, U., Etxaniz, A., Urdaneta, E., Yanguas, J. (2009) Efficacy of Cognitive Training Experiences in the Elderly: Can Technology Help? , HCI International Congress

Buiza, C., Soldatos, J., Petsatodis, T., Geven, A., Etxaniz, A., Tscheligi, M. (2009) HERMES: Pervasive Computing and Cognitive Training for Ageing Well, IWAAL - International Workshop of Ambient Assisted Living 2009

Facal, D., Gonzlez, M.F., Martnez, V., Buiza, C., Talantzis, F., Petsatodis, T., Soldatos, J., Urdaneta, E., Yanguas, JJ (2009) Cognitive Games for Healthy Elderly People in a Multitouch Screen , DRT4ALL 2009

Geven, A., Subasi, ., Tscheligi, M., Soldatos, J. and Gonzalez, M.F. (2009). Designing Ambient Interactions for older users Workshop at AMI09, the 3rd European Conference on Ambient Intelligence, held November 18th - 21st 2009, Salzburg, Austria.

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Khelifi, F., Jiang, J. and Trundle, P. A Memory Management System towards the Cognitive Assistance of Elderly People. Proceedings of IWAAL09 held in Spain, 9-12  June, 2009.

Kremecek,, M. Geven, A. and Tscheligi, M., Visualization of Personal Memory for Cognitive Support, in: AAATE  August 31 September 2, 2009, Florence, Italy, 2009

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Petsatodis, Th., Talantzis, F., Pnevmatikakis, A. and Diaz, U. Interactive surfaces for enhanced cognitive care. DSP 2009, Santorini, Greece, July 2009.

Petsatodis, Th. and Boukis, C. Efficient Voice Activity Detection in  Reverberant Enclosures using Far Field Microphones. IEEE DSP2009, Conference, Santorini, Greece, July 2009

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Talantzis, F. and Constantinides, A.G.. A Multi-Microphone Voice Activity Detection System Based on Mutual Information. Journal of the Acoustical Engineering Society (AES). To appear Autumn 2009.

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Urdaneta, E., Buiza, C., Gonzalez, M.F., Facal, D., Geven, A., Hller, N., Tscheligi, M., Polymenakos, L., Soldatos, J., Petsatodis, T., Yanguas, JJ (2009). Addressing cognition needs in three European countries with the help of technology. The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging, 13 (1): 620.

Accepted papers 2008

J. Jiang, A. Geven, and S. Zhang. HERMES: A FP7 Funded Project
towards Computer-Aided Memory Management Via Intelligent Computations.
Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Springer pp249-253, ISSN: 1615-3871, 2008.

Vasileios Mylonakis, John Soldatos, Aristodemos Pnevmatikakis, Lazaros Polymenakos, Alex Sorin, Hagai Aronowitz. Using Robust Audio and Video Processing Technologies to Alleviate the Elderly Cognitive Decline, in the Proc. of the 1st International Conference on Pervasive Technologies Related to Assistive Environments, Athens, Greece, July 2008.

A. Anagnostopoulos and A. Pnevmatikakis. A realtime mixed reality system for seamless interaction between real and virtual objects. In Proceedings of the Digital Interactive Media in Arts and Entertainment (DIMEA 2008). Athens, Greece, Sept. 2008

V. Mylonakis, J. Soldatos, A. Pnevmatikakis, L. Polymenakos, A. Sorin and H. Aronowitz. Using Robust Audio and Video Processing Technologies to Alleviate the Elderly Cognitive Decline , in Proc. of PETRA 2008, July 2008, Athens, Greece.

A. Geven, M. Tscheligi, A. Sorin, H. Aronowitz. Presenting a speech-based mobile reminder system . In Proceedings of SiMPE 2008. September 2008, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

H.Aronowitz, Y.Solewicz. Speaker Recognition in Two-Wire Test Sessions. In Proceedings of INTERSPEECH 2008, pp. 865-868. Brisbane, Australia.

Buiza, C., Gonzalez, MF., Etxaniz, A., Urdaneta, E., Yanguas, J., Geven, A., Hller, N., Tscheligi, M. (2008). Technology Support for Cognitive Decline and Independent Living Presenting the HERMES Project , Gerontological Society of America Conference.

Geven, A., Subasi, ., Leitner, M., Dittenberger, S., Tscheligi, M. (2008) Optimizing Qualitative User Needs Assessment through effective Analysis requirements, at Workshop Capturing Ambient Assisted Living Needs in conjunction with AmI08, Nuremberg, November 19-22th 2008.