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HERMES Project


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Publications : Public Deliverables

As the project progress, this section will contain all formal public project deliverables that are created as part of the project work.

D.2.1 Report about the elderly's needs 

D.2.2 Device and Interface most suitable for the project 

D.2.3 HERMES Scenarios and Use Cases 

D.5.3 Rule-based reminder generation tool

D.6.1. Cognitive training exercises

D.7.1. User Evaluation Plan

D.7.2. User Evaluation Report Trial 1

D.7.3. User Evaluation Report Trial 2

D.8.1 Data Protection and Disclosure Plan 

D.8.2 Persuasive Ethics Guide 

D.8.3. Ethical Guide and Manual

D.9.1 Web Portal Creation and Launch 

D.9.2a Dissemination package (projects leaflet, newsletter, poster, project DVD)

D.9.2b Dissemination package (newsletter, project poster, leaflet, brochure, DVD)

D.9.2c Dissemination package (newsletter, project poster, brochure, videos)

D.9.3a Periodical Dissemination Report

D.9.3b Periodical Dissemination Report

D.9.3c Periodical Dissemination Report