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HERMES Project


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Project Objectives

HERMES provides an integrated approach to cognitive care. This is achieved through an assistive technology that combines the functional skills of the older person to reduce age-related decline of cognitive capabilities and assist the user where necessary. Based on intelligent audio and visual processing and reasoning, the project results in a combination of a home-based and mobile device to support the users cognitive state and prevent cognitive decline. HERMES assesses the following five core objectives associated:

  1. Facilitation of episodic memory through the capture of content in audio and image including when, where, who, what and why of a moment, including additional contextual information, such as date and time, the amount and name of people present and derivatives, and information from other sources.
  2. Cognitive training through games with moments that have been captured previously that are related to contextual information.
  3. Advanced activity reminding to assist the user's prospective memory in performing everyday tasks and to support independent living. Modelled after human associative memory, contextual cues remind the user automatically and non-disruptively.
  4. Conversation support on the grounds of interactive reminiscence based on the recordings of important moments in everyday life.
  5. Mobility support to address the needs of the user outside of the house with cognitive support when and where needed.

HERMES aims specifically at supporting the decline in (declarative and prospective memory) capabilities by using other functional cognitive skills and training these, thereby reducing the need for active care and support and substantially increasing the ability to cope with everyday life and to live independently.