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Partners : University of Bradford

The Digital Media & Systems Research Institute at the University of Bradford is a focus of multi-disciplinary research and technology innovations, providing internationally recognised expertise and excellence for digital media creation, processing, analysis, protection, transmission and system development. Research activities and expertise within the Institute are organised in terms of (i) Visual media being investigated by focusing on image and video content processing, where semantic features rather than low-level features are being extracted, constructed, and recognized for a range of applications, including visual pattern recognition, visual information search & retrieval, computer vision, visual content interpretation, understanding, summarization and annotations; (ii) Interactive media being investigated across the boundaries of HCI, interactive video, multimodal interfacing, semantic visual content analysis, and computer vision; (iii) intelligent media being investigated across the boundaries of artificial intelligence, machine learning, software engineering, and data mining; (iv) security media be investigated across the boundaries of data encryption, compression, watermarking, authentication, digital signature of media content, and content protection; (v) bio-medical media being investigated across the boundaries of medical imaging, bio-data analysis, bioinformatics, health care, and systems biology; (vi) networked media being investigated across the boundaries of video transmission over networks, source-channel coding, QoS, scalable video coding, distributed computing, and networked media management; and (vii) virtual media being investigated across the boundaries of geometric design, virtual reality, mixed reality, computer animation, computer gaming, virtual environment, multimedia and visual information processing.

The Institute currently has more than 50 researchers working on more than 20 nationally funded and EU funded projects. Over the years, the Institute has established fruitful links and collaborations both internationally and nationally, ranging from the technology-oriented research to the media industry. The Institute is also well equipped with world-leading state-of-the-art facilities for research, development and innovations, which includes a specialised digital studio equipped with a state-of-the-art motion capture suite.

URL: dmsri.inf.brad.ac.uk