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HERMES Project


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Partners : TXT e-Solutions

TXT e-Solutions is a private, mid-sized software vendor and system integration company, with its headquarters in Milan and growing branch offices in Genoa, Turin, Bari, Rome, Perugia, Vicenza, Paris and Lyon (F), Barcelona (E), Chemnitz and Halle (D), London (UK), Haarlem (NL) and Cambridge (US). Thanks to a highly qualified and motivated staff of about 600 people, 90% of which are graduated, the 2006 turnover exceeds 56 million Euro (47 million in 2004).
TXT is a technology intensive company, offering to its customers complete solutions, based upon kernel products, high-level competence on enabling, innovative IT and specific know-how in a number of application domains. It acts on the market through four business divisions: Industry & Retail Division, Media & Telco Division, Aerospace & Defense Division, Banking & Finance Division.

Participating in HERMES is specifically the CRS TXT Division (Corporate Research and Innovation), which is in charge of medium-to-long term research activities and is / has recently been active in several collaboration projects at Regional, National and European level concerning six strategic research pillars: Enterprise Interoperability (national project SFIDA-PMI, European projects ATHENA IP, INTEROP NoE, ABILITIES STREP, SEEMP STREP), Enterprise Collaboration (national project PROBO, European projects ECOLEAD IP, ECOSPACE IP, E4 STREP, MyTreasury STREP), SOA and GRID Computing (national project SFIDA-PMI, European projects BEINGRID IP, SORMA STREP, CHEMOMENTUM STREP), Software and Service Engineering (European projects MOMOCS and TEAM), Extended Products Identification and Tracking (European projects NMP K-FLOW, CONCLORE STREP and LEAPFROG CA/IP), Multimedia and Mobile Applications (national projects e-relations Hub and ASINFO, European projects e-TEN WiH and Linkcare, IST Mapped, Isaac, iTacitus, OpenInterface, Wisper).

Through its extensive expertise in both systems integration and mobile technology, TXT will work in HERMES on the integration of the various components brought in by the industrial and academic partners and develop the infrastructure integration for HERMES, including the support for third party components. TXT is responsible for delivering the initial and final prototype of the HERMES system. Through its strong industrial background, TXT is able to take the results of the project and lead the exploitation of the project results from an industry perspective.

URL: www.txtgroup.com