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HERMES Project


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Partners : INGEMA

INGEMA Foundation (MATIA Gerontological Institute) is a research institute with a wide expertise in research on aging and disability and with close contact with this population. Within its objective of offering the best quality in attention and services for the users and their relatives, Ingema Foundation develops multiple research and activities with the state-of-the-art in socio-sanitary and psycho-social models of attention. A highly qualified professional team with wide expertise in social sciences and clinical psychology with elderly and disable people carry out research projects, in order to offer the best attention, most specialized and most close to the user and its relatives at the same time. Its research lines are focused on the promotion of active ageing, the prevention of dependence, rehabilitation and compensating for fragility and dependence, e-health and physical activity, gerotechnology and, finally, quality of life and quality of attention.

INGEMA offers a range of services, including residential settings for older adults (6 nursing homes), day care centres (4 centres), residential setting for physically disabled (1 specialised centre attending 70 people), as well as services offered in a hospital: palliative and geriatric medicine, neurology, long stages, functional rehabilitation, psycho geriatrics, clinical psychology, social attention, spiritual attention. The foundation also offers outpatient services, including geriatric medicine, cardiology, neurology, neuropsychology, Memory and Alzheimer unit, physical and occupational therapy, rehabilitation medicine and physical rehabilitation services.

INGEMA has wide expertise in national and European research projects regarding elderly and disabled people, including projects HEBE (Mobile monitoring and automatic fall detection device for elderly people living alone, 2004-2006), i2home (Intuitive interaction for everyone with home appliances based on industry standards, IST, 2006-2009), SOPRANO (Service Oriented Programmable Smart Environments for Older Europeans, IST, 2007-2010) and IWARD (Intelligent robot swarm for attendance, recognition, cleaning and delivery, IST, 2007-2009). With its extensive geriatric expertise and working with older people in a wide range of settings, Ingema performs a key role in successfully assessing the user requirements in HERMES, and making sure that the project developments match user needs, including the lead in the evaluation trial which will take place in Spain.

Furthermore, the organization has an extensive background in cognitive training programmes, which the organization has been developing for the last 10 years (in their Memory Unit), and that have received the National Award to the best social research, 2005 (Obra Social Caja Madrid), for its work Efficacy of the Non-Pharmacological Treatments for Elderly and Alzheimers patients. In HERMES, INGEMA is responsible for the development of the cognitive training programme based on the personalized content. In this field, the team of INGEMA has several publications in national and international indexed journals on intervention and training to effectively combat cognitive decline

URL: www.ingema.es/ingles/home.php