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Partners : IBM

IBM is the largest IT company in the world. IBM is present in every European country. It is a major European employer, investor and tax-payer. The IBM Research Division employs about 3000 researchers in 8 labs around the world. IBM Haifa Research Lab (HRL) is the largest one outside the US. Since it first opened as the IBM Scientific Center in 1972, the IBM HRL has conducted decades of research that have been vital to IBM's success. The IBM HRL is uniquely positioned to handle the research challenges presented in the area of speech processing. HRL Speech Technologies group has developed research skills, built technological assets, and achieved accomplishments in numerous fields of audio and speech processing.

Particularly relevant to the development of HERMES speech processing are HRL's assets and research in the areas of automatic speech recognition, speech analytics, speech data retrieval, emotion detection, text-to-speech synthesis, coding, and noise cancellation. This expertise stems from over 40 years of experience, 100 scientists in 6 research sites worldwide, more than 150 patents, and massive involvement in EU projects. Just some of HRL's achievements include the Speech data retrieval - 1st place at the 2007 NIST Contest on Spoken Terms Detection, ASR compatible speech coding - serve as a basis for the ETSI DSR Extended Front-end standards (EN 202 211/212), and Embedded TTS technology - part of the IBM Embedded ViaVoice product, deployed in the automotive market. As a world leader in speech research and technology, IBM contributes state-of-the-art and beyond technology development to HERMES in the areas of speech acquisition, indexing and annotation of important speech events.

URL: www.haifa.il.ibm.com