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HERMES Project


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Partners : Cure

CURE is one of Europes leading organisations in the area of User Experience Research comprising the fields of User Experience Research, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), User Interface Design, and User Centred Design. CURE has been working on the development and application of user centred design methodologies, innovative user interfaces and natural interaction environments for several years.

Active in several application domains, CURE has gained outstanding multidisciplinary experience in various and complex application domains. CURE comprises a highly interdisciplinary team assembling all skills of contributing disciplines such as computer science, psychology, sociology, pedagogy, didactics, design, architecture, communication science or management science. Over the years the organization has been involved and led more than 150 projects and initiated and has been involved in several national and international initiatives. Among these are 12 research projects funded by the European Community. Currently CURE participates in the following four FP6 IST projects: WalkonWeb, Liaison, TACIT and Laboranova. Apart from these international projects, CURE conducted also a wide range of nationally funded research projects, such as the. national research project Zielleitung (Goal Guidance), in which a system was developed to guide elderly through public environments (e.g. train stations, airports).

Within HERMES, CURE first and foremost responsibility is the successful delivery of the technology within time and budget and matching with user needs. As an organization with an extensive background in HCI, CURE is responsible to ensure that the HERMES technology is aligned to the needs from end-users. In particular CUREs user experience research and user assessment methods will be used to perform detailed requirements analysis in the early phase of the project.

Furthermore, CURE will perform a key role in the project in developing the HERMES user interface. Having extensive experience in user-centered design, CURE does research the design of information retrieval for life events and will develop an information architecture and user interface that effectively triggers and supports the human memory. Finally, CURE ensures the validity of the projects results through field trial evaluations.

URL: www.cure.at