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HERMES Project


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Partners : AIT

The Athens Information Technology (AIT) has been recently founded with the vision of becoming a world class education and research centre. As a first step AIT signed an agreement with the Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to set up and operate a joint Master in Information Networking. AIT maintains close ties with a large network of Academic Institutions, Corporate R&D Labs and Industrial affiliates worldwide. Also, it is closely collaborating with the largest Greek IT and telecom industry group (INTRACOM S.A), towards exploiting and disseminating research results.

AIT participates in HERMES through its Autonomic and Grid Computing Group. The Autonomic and Grid Computing Group (AGCG) has a track record of successful projects including the CHIL IST project (FP6-506909), the SpeechTV (IBM funded) project on speech enabled devices, as well as the PRIAMOS project (funded from the Greek General Secretarial of Research and Technology). AGCG has set-up and operates a unique state of the art laboratory, supporting its research on perceptual interfaces, multimodal interactions and autonomic systems middleware. This smart space lab will serve as a test bed for developing, demonstrating and evaluating HERMES technology. During the last couple of years the group has developed the following (real time) prototype systems: a face detection system, a face recognition system, a 2D person tracking system, a 3D person tracking system, an audio source localization and tracking system, as well as autonomic middleware components significantly accelerating the development of human centric applications in smart spaces. All these prototype systems are available at the laboratories of the group, and have already been demonstrated in the scope of several public events (e.g., COMDEX Greece 2005, CHIL Technology Day, and the IST Conference 2006). Using these technologies the group is developing human-centric applications for security, safety, support of meeting activities (e.g., through memory aids) in in-door environments, as well as applications for ambient assisted living.

In HERMES, AIT will perform research on audio/visual processing and integration. AIT will setup the sensing infrastructure of the project, and will contribute and adapt audio/visual processing systems including: personal tracking, person identification, acoustic source localization, multimodal person tracking, and speech activity detection. AIT will also play a leading role in building the architecture and the knowledge base of the HERMES system. Special emphasis will be paid in designing applications (memory reminders, cognitive training exercises).

URL: www.ait.gr