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HERMES Project


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Project Summary

The Hermes project is a project in the realm of cognitive care. It is aimed at people who are experiencing mild problems with memory. The outcome of the project will provide users with a system helping and assisting in the following three core domains:

  • Prospective memory remembering to remember or remember to perform an intended action
  • Retrospective memory remembering the past
  • Cognitive training - exercises to train the brain and not to forget important things

The Hermes system is built around a mobile phone and a computer that work together automatically and both can record what is being said in a room. The home computer additionally has two cameras with which it can be see who is speaking and who is in the room, to make it easier for you to find back specific moments that you want to remember specific details about. The home-computer is the core of the system. It has the computing power to use state of the art technologies from which the user can expect being enabled to

  • use voice to interact with the system
  • browse his or her past
  • extract meaningful content from conversations at home
  • perform cognitive trainings at home and on the go

The mobile device will support the user in planning and remembering to carry out plans as well as training ones cognitive abilities to prevent decline.

Both the home-based device and the mobile device will feature easy to use, clear and friendly interfaces. These interfaces assure an easy learning and use of the Hermes-system. The mobile device of the system is a mobile phone featuring a touch-sensitive display. The interaction with a touch-screen makes the mobile device intuitive and easy to use. We have completed the first prototype that is evaluated with users, with which you can i.e. browse through your memories of the past using a touch screen, but can also set reminders for the future.

If you are interested in this project, you can contact the principal investigators for more information at prost@cure.at!