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Setting a Shopping-reminder

Maria has become a bit forgetful in the last few years. It has happened to her more than once that she forgot things that are important to her, things she wanted to buy, things she wanted to do and she even sometimes forgot to meet with friends. Because of this she now stores notes of every important thing in the HERMES system. She also uses the system to make shopping-lists. To do so, she simply uses the HERMES interface, where a wizard takes her through the required steps for storing all entries.

Maria is in the kitchen and wants to prepare herself coffee. She sees that she is running out of it soon, so she decides to enter a quick note in the HERMES system. To do so she uses the HERMES PDA. More specifically, the system gives her the ability to categorize and store notes and to define new categories. So far Maria has categories for food, clothing, medical stuff and diverse.

To generate an entry for coffee needed, she navigates to the food category and chooses between different suggestions. Coffee is one of them. In case she needs some new kind of food that is not already in the food-category she just types it in once and the next time it is there.

After she chooses coffee, it is added to the shopping list. She has the possibility to activate each entry on the shopping list. When she does that, it means that the thing is important and really needs to be bought soon. She will be reminded by the system to buy these activated things on the shopping list whenever she passes the shopping mall next to her.

The system does remind Maria based on GPS data. Because she defined the shopping mall as the point where she shops the HERMES system now alerts her whenever activated items are on her shopping list and she is close to the shopping mall.

A few days later Maria passes the shopping mall in her neighbourhood when the HERMES PDA starts ringing and vibrating in her bag. She first thinks that someone might be calling her but when looking at the screen of the PDA she sees the shopping list with coffee written on it.

The moment is good, she has time so she goes into the shop and buys coffee.