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Mobility Support

On a beautiful Wednesday in May Maria is in the city enjoying the first rays of the sun. On her way to the center she meets a friend of her. They begin to talk and decide that they could go for a coffee. So they go to their favorite coffee shop and take a seat outside to enjoy the sun.

After having a coffee they decide to part because each of the two still has something to finish today. But they agree to meet again on the weekend. Maria uses her HERMES mobile device to set the date and the time. 

A few days later the HERMES system reminds Maria that she has an appointment with her friend Anna. Happy to meet her friend again Maria prepares herself and goes out. Its then when she realizes that she is not sure weather she remembers the topics of their last talk in the coffee shop correctly. So she is not able to remember what they had planned for their next get-together. This makes Maria a little angry. But Maria knows herself very good and she has recorded a few notes when she made the entry. So Maria retrieves the entry from the HERMES system and decides to listen to it.

Now that she knows again she is ready to meet with Anna.