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Advanced Activity Reminding

Setting a Reminder at Home

Maria has become a bit forgetful in the last few years. It has happened to her more than once that she forgot an appointment with a friend or with somebody else. Because of this she now stores every appointment in the Hermes system. To do so she simply has to press New Entry on the Hermes interface and a wizard is taking her through the steps of storing entries. Maria knows that next week she has to see the doctor on Monday at 11, so she stores this appointment in the Hermes system.

It is Monday and Maria has to see the doctor today at 11 oclock. She wakes up at 8 and prepares herself a breakfast and then thinks that it is such a wonderful day and she could begin to read a little bit in her book that she just bought the other day, before going to the doctor. Maria loves reading detective stories Raymond Chandler is her favourite author. So after making her ready for the day she sits on her favourite chair in the living room, puts on some background music and starts to read.

At about ten she checks the clock and thinks that there is still enough time to read for another half an hour and then go to the doctors appointment. The doctor is not so far away from her house so starting half an hour earlier is more than early enough. Well, the book is so fascinating that she really feels a little puzzled when at half past 10 a voice coming from the Hermes system is reminding her that on the calendar today at eleven an appointment with the doctor is set.

Maria hurries up, checks the entry and still has enough time to go to the doctor.

The reminder issue can either be triggered by the calendar alone, or as a result of the calendar entry together with the HERMES system understanding that she is still at home. The second approach requires an on-line mechanism to understand who is at home. Identifying people entering is easy with the proposed camera configuration. The event of a person leaving can also be detected by visual tracking. The identity of that person is not known, as the face is not offered to the camera views of the proposed configuration. A method for identifying people leaving is still sought.

Setting a Reminder on Location

Maria is in a hurry because it rains. She has an umbrella with her but her left foot is already getting wet and she is afraid of getting a cold like she did last year when she found herself in exactly the same situation.

She had been in the city for a walk when it started to rain. She had her umbrella with her and thought no need to go home just because of the rain. Well that was last year...

Today she has been in the city to look for some birthday present for her dear friend Anna. Anna is getting 77 in a week. Maria does not like to shop birthday presents because it seems so hard for her to find something nice.

As she is walking home she comes by a traffic light and has to wait because it is red. It is then when she sees something nice that could be what she wants. Maria thinks about going into the shop and check the item out, but decides to not risk a cold. She decides to do something else.

She always has the HERMES PDA in her bag. So she takes it out to make a little note. It is fast and easy, she just has to select the category location reminder and press Here to specify the location she is now. Additionally she records some words to remind herself what she wanted to do in this location. The HERMES device stores the location together with the spoken note and creates a reminder for Maria that is triggered when she next time passes this location.